Architecture Books

I was recently asked if there were any good books on Software Architecture - I'm saddened to say that I have never found one that I liked. In my view the main reason for this is that I think it's really hard to squeeze that kind of information into <1000 pages and still be current and pertinent, whilst also keeping the reader engaged throughout. The topic is so vast, you could only write generally, in most cases, and you would not be able to delve into the detail that would be necessary to actually implement anything.

Having said all that I do think that there are some good resources out there; here are just a few that I keep my eye on, which keep me in-line with all things architectural in my problem domain:
  • The Architecture Journal - This is a Microsoft offering that I get sent in paper form every moneth but is also completely available on-line.
  • SkyScrapr - An on-line resource which, in their words: "... is your window into the architectural perspective". Here they talk about all the different elements of architecture from the perspective of the different types of Architect i.e. Solutions, Enterprise, Infrastructure etc.
  • HanselMinutes - This one is a little off the wall in terms of architecture in that it is a developer podcast (of guy called Scott Hanselman) and not about architecture; but his insight into the industry is very compelling and I have learned about so many new technologies from this podcast that (almost) every Architect should be aware of.

I'm sure that there are many other good resources, and maybe there is a good book or two, it's just that I have not found them. If you do then please share with the group.

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