i-name, CardSpace and OpenID

Have you registered your i-name yet? Soon these identifiers will be like you email address and if you don't register your name someone else will. Wouldn't you have loved to have had the name yourname@hotmail.com, yourname@gmail.com etc.

Security in the world of the Internet is moving and fast. With the introduction of Microsoft's implementation of the Information Card security spec with CardSpace, in Windows Vista, and Bill Gates recent announcement at RSA to support OpenID with CardSpace these areas are going to get hot very soon.

My i-name is =paul.jackson (any personal i-names always start with a "=" and company i-names start with an "@"); I have some forwarding from my i-name service provider using the standard XRI dictionary names: Once you have your globally unique identity, via your i-name, you now need your OpenID persona. I have used http://myopenid.com/ but I'm reliably informed that there are many others too; once you have this you're all set for the coming Web 2.0 solution to identity management. Soon OpenID will support i-names and CardSpace will support OpenID, job done.

Do it today, do it now, solve your identity problems.

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