One Less Reason to use FireFox

If, like me, you only use FireFox in limited circumstances, there could one less reason for you to use it too*. I use FireFox purely for:
  1. Exchange Web Mail in Vista (damn that red X!)
  2. JavaScript Testing for Compatibility Purposes
  3. Spell Checking in Textboxes on the Web

The 3rd reason is no longer a good one for me! Check out ieSpell. Judging by the interface this tool has been around a while but I have only just stumbled upon it. ieSpell also has some handy features like looking up words on any page in Wikipedia or via a right mouse click, very nice.

One tip for Windows Vista users still putting up with UAC: When configuring ieSpell ensure that you launch the browser as an Administrator - if you don't it won't remember your preferences.

[*] Don't get me wrong; I don't dislike FireFox (or any browser for that matter) I just prefer IE and use it wherever I can.

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