ChrisAn's WPF Book

Chris has finally finished it! I love listening to Chirs talking tech and he's just a corking chap; he should need no introduction to the .Net developers amoung us (however if you don't know who he is then check this out), his long awaited WPF book is now out... you owe it to yourself, buy it.


There has been a lack of posting over the last week due to fact I have been away on holiday.

The picture (which should be a live picture) is of Keswick in Cumbria, England from the top of the George Fisher building looking at Skiddaw.

A fantastic part of the world.

Silverlight Released (a.k.a. WPF/e)


They have finally done it, go check it out.

Podcasts to Last

I was asked recently for the Podcasts that I regularly listen too; so that's the thrust of this post. I have listened to fair number of podcasts over the years but the ones listed here are the ones that seemed to have survived over that time. Carl Franklin is the Podfather, with his company Pwop, so the majority listed here are from his stable:

Fun / Comedy
I will also these at some point (as I have for the blogs that I read).

WCF Training

I'm starting to put together some ideas for a technical training session(s) on WCF and thought I'd canvas for some feedback here first. Let me know what you'd want from a technical course on WCF, here's some ideas that I've had so far:
  • ASMX to WCF integration
  • Applied WCF i.e. real applications and code, not just "The Bookstore" examples
  • Step by step instructions and how to's on common key scenarios

Anything you can think of will be appreciated, either let me know via the contact link in my profile or add a comment to this post.

Working from home, the real story...

Another Techn@gerial posting, this time on home working. Observent, articulate and more importantly he's right; all the qualities we have come to expect from one of Matts posts.