Feet on the Ground

I'm thinking of starting a new series of articles, the "Feet on the Ground" series, where I want to provide a real world view on the more nebulous topics being discussed on the web today around technology and architecture; examples include SOA and Web 2.0.

The main driver for these articles will be to help both developers and non-developers alike understand what these technologies, or buzz words, mean in the real world in relation to definitions and applications, basically I want to put topic in to the crucible and pull out only the refined pertinent information.

I will start with SOA and then maybe move on to Web 2.0, if the interest is there for this type of material. If you wish to see something like this then please let me know (comment on this post or contact me directly); also if you have any ideas for articles in this series then please also let me know I would love to know what you think.

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