Surface - What on Earth?

Looking at Microsoft Surface I thought WOW, that looks great, INeedThat. Soon after the WOW moment my attention turned to the website itself; it looked fantastic. I thought that Microsoft, who generally "eat their own dog food" would be using SilverLight to achieve this amazing site. I thought wrong... it's Flash.

I think that there is a real opportunity missed here; I can imagine all sorts of reasons why this is not SilverLight. But, man alive, I'd be hopping mad right now if I were involved in the marketing for SilverLight. I'd be on the phone right now asking how we can help the Surface team move in the right direction and convert the site.

Another oddity on the site, something that I have never seen in the wild before: client side VBScript on a public website! I must admit I'm a little shocked, there must be more support for VBScript in the wild than I ever imagined.

For the geeks in the audience I strongly suggest you visit the Surface site, enjoy the product as it does look great, but also view the source; it is another jaw dropping experience...

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