Enterprise Architecture


UPDATE: This post was read out by Richard on DNR in the John Lam on the DLR show! My bit can be found about 5:30 minutes into the podcast. However, I have yet to see any swag :-D

I rarely blog about .Net Rocks! or any specific episode that Pwop have published; this is generally because I think all their content is golden; therefore all episodes have equal value and billing in my eyes, they should all be listened to (twice! at least!). However, the most recent broadcast warrants some additional comment:

It rocks! - if you are in anyway-what-so-ever involved in the architecture of an enterprise, right from requirements to implementation, you need to take an hour out of your day and listen to this.

The pieces that really struck home for me were the elements on:
  • The pointless nature of canonical forms e.g. what is a Customer - man alive! If I hear that just one more time, I'm gonna...
  • The common problem of the delivery of quality software to the tumbleweeds
Very refreshing to hear someone with experience (who is not a blue badge) who also has credibility within the industry talking pragmatically and honestly about architecture.

Carl and Richard I thank you for your all your content ("RunAs", "HanselMinutes" and "Mondays" very much included) and thanks also to Roger for this particular episode.