Google Goodness

I was just checking my analytics in Google and discovered that +55% of my traffic for this site, in the last 30 or so days, has been coming from Google search queries; I was intrigued to know what people were searching for to find my site and then what they found when they got here.

A quick look in Google Analytics -> Traffic Sources -> Keywords revealed that the top hit was "" (no surprises on a good hit rate there) followed by "wcf quickstart". That got my attention; I put the latter in to the browser and my WCF Quick Start Guide article was the top hit!

So at the timing of writing this post one of my articles is the #1 article on a Google search (in the UK at least - I think on the search I'm #2). I must admit I'm quite chuffed. I don't know how long it'll last for, I also don't know if I'll ever manage it again - but hey, it's always nice to know that the stuff that you put "out there" is being read and hopefully helping others.

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