Rate your boss


I'm a little late to the party on this one, Matt from Techn@gerial has had the post up for about a week and I've only just seen it.

As I said in my comment to the post:

the true certified a**holes, who score 5+ (sadly I’ve known a couple and one truly toxic!), won’t take the test and if they did they’d lie about the answers, if only to themselves

Revelations about...


I have been heads down for the last couple weeks, what with starting a new job. It has consumed all my energy and has very successfully been scratching that writing itch I had when I first started this blog; so the posts have been pretty scarce of late. In fact given the nature of the work I now do I no longer feel the need to post the technical "How To" articles anymore, that's my day job and people are paying for that service. Hence the revelation about...

...the Blog

This decision does come with some trepidation on my part as it is just that type of article that has pulled in audiences from far and wide; from Redmond to Sydney and back again. This blog has been a great CV for me whilst I was looking for a new place to work; which I'm sure the "How To" articles played a large part. According to my Google Analytics the "How To" articles are the most popular part of this site (the most popular article being this one).

It will be interesting, for me at least, to see what shape this blog now takes; I know that many of my posts, whilst being technical in nature, are not "How To" articles so there should still be plenty of content coming your way.

...the Job

It is going really well; I'm the happiest I have been for quite some time. I was anticipating having to go into the office every day on my first week, however, it turned out that I needed to be in for the very first day. I have gone back to the office twice in two weeks, once for a social engagement and another time to pick up some hardware - well impressed!

So on with the revelations, there have been many for me in this area of my life, some technical and some not; so I intend to blog about my findings more over the coming months, but here are the top 5 that I have discovered very recently: (in no particular order):

  1. Outlook 2007 web access (not OWA) but HTTPS/Basic Authentication and big boy Outlook, actually works... really, really well
  2. There are companies out there that let project managers do their jobs. Make them responsible, accountable and give them the resources to do their work
  3. Working from home really, really, really rocks!
  4. Silverlight 1.0 has more to offer than I really ever thought possible, it really is a compelling technology. Waiting for 1.1 is a long pointless wait, you can act now
  5. I think I might actually learn to love SharePoint :-O