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My work has taken me in the direction of WPF once again, which means I have been out searching for good WPF content and examples. Lucky for me his month also appears to have been WPF month, as good content has just fallen into my lap! 

In this post I showcase the best of what I have found over the last month. For those that might be interested I also put any good stuff I find, on various topics, on my del.icio.us; so if you want to stay ahead of the blog posts you can always keep an eye on that list via RSS.

The most impressive by far is Family.Show from the boys and girls at Vertigo; who over the years have produced some stunning sample software for Microsoft. Showcasing the possibilities of working with the Microsoft stack.

They not only publish the application but also the code, truly awesome work. If you look at nothing else before you start your WPF project, look at this.

I also stumbled upon Kevin's WPF Bag-o-Tricks via the MIX07 sessions; all written by ex-Microsoft employee Kevin Moore, who is a great developer and presenter. He gives a great demonstration of his Bag-o-Tricks in his session called "Windows Presentation Foundation for Developers - Part 2", well worth watching (search for kevin moore to find his session from the MIX sessions web site). Part 1, delivered by Rob Relyea (who has kindly pointed people my way in relation to WPF commands), is interesting for those just starting on the WPF journey.

Some of the old favorites are also there on the MIX sessions talking about related topics, notably Scott Gu, Don Box and Brad Abrams. Don on navigating the web and Brad on all things Silverlight and Scott gives the Keynote.

Finally there have been a small number of podcasts (from the Pwop stable) on WPF and Silverlight that are worth your time; in order of preference:

And there we have it. If you have any links or have any comments I'd love to hear from you; either leave a comment on this post or send me an email. Enjoy.

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