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The MIX University - WPF Bootcamp is awesome stuff; I have been slowly working my way through all the content this week. I highly recommended taking a look, if you run "Lunch 'n' Learn" or "Brown Bag" meetings of a lunchtime then this is ideal material for you (it is also worth looking at the content over at DNRTV too).

Here are the ones I think are worth watching:

  • Building WPF Applications Part I & II (Ian Griffiths); Ian wrote the book on WPF with Chris Sells.
  • Controls, Styles and Templates (Kevin Moore); I spoke about Kevin in my last post, this is guy is amazing and so is his bag-o-tricks.
  • Data Binding in WPF (Bea Costa); Bea is a tester on the WPF team and describes beautifully the ramifications of data binging and how to use it. It would be better to watch this one before Kevin's, even though they appear in the order I have presented on the schedule.
  • Real World Experiences - Vertigo Family Tree Explorer (Scott Stanfield); I have spoken about Scott, Vertigo and Family.Tree before - this was clearly done before the MIX 07 presentation as they still have not named it (they could not call it Family Explorer).

Each one is about an hour, some a little more some a little less. Also note that there is a problem with the sound, it's out of sync with the video. This did not cause me too much grief as most of the time you're looking at slides or code. It was just a little annoying at times.

There are many more lectures there than I have listed here, but I have watched nearly all of them; while some of others are interesting they are not as good as the ones I have outlined.

I hope you have a nice lunch (or two).

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