Merry Christmas


This is the last working day before Christmas for me, so very likely to be the last post of the year, therefore a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all is in order.



This is my first year blogging, well the first year that I have taken it seriously anyway, and I thought that I'd share a few stats:

Total # of posts for 2007: 72
Highest # of posts in one month: 14 (Feb)

Post Per Month (see Scott for more):

Total # Page Views: 3707
Most popular page: WPF Commands
Most popular day: 24 May (37 hits)

More stats

Other interesting facts (to me anyway) include these: about half my traffic over the year has been the result of search engine results (Google being the most popular, obviously), with the most popular search term being wcf quickstart.

The most popular referrer to my site is Rob Relyea, Microsoft PM - responsible for about 10 percent of my traffic.

Most of my traffic comes from the UK (849 visits) followed by the US (561 visits), then Canada, Australia, Germany and India between 50 and 60 each, with China, New Zealand, Netherlands and Sweden also making an appearance for 30 to 40 visits each. There are stats for 67 countries, so I have managed to spread the message far and wide.

(Edit: this post was longer with more stats, but I think that's enough now - if you want more drop me a line, I'll be happy to share :-)


I've been happy with the number and frequency of my posts this year, so I plan to keep that about the same, but there are some changes I will be trying to bring about:

  1. More page views. Obviously, I want to increase my popularity and reach within the community.
  2. Reduce the Number of Single Visits stat from 68 percent. I have no idea by how much, but a reduction would be good.
  3. The most popular page/post for 2008 must be something written in 2008, I don't want the WPF Commands post to be the winning post next year.


In conclusion I think my first year blogging has been a success - I think in part it has been a great CV and has been instrumental in helping me get my current role at CM, so for that reason alone it has been worth it.

Other highlights include talking to Ian Griffiths of Programming WPF fame, my email and this blog appearing on .Net Rocks (see here) and getting Charles Petzolds book on 3D for free just because I blog about WPF (expect a review early next year - I have nearly finished it)

I would like to end with a big thank you to all of you that do keep coming back and continue to support my efforts to become a blogger. I hope you have enjoyed the content over the year and I look forward to sharing more with you next year.

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