University Tour


Early next year we're going on the road with the Content Master university tour.

Here are the tour dates as I know them today:

  • 16 Jan - Swansea
  • 22 Jan - DeMontford (Leicester)
  • 30 Jan - Liverpool
  • 5 Feb - Bradford
  • 6 Feb - Hull

We are also going to Derby and Nottingham in February, but I don't have exact dates for those Universities as yet, when I do I'll post them here.

If you're a student, then the idea is that we present Content Master to you, what we do and how we do it, for about 30 minutes. Your reward for listening to us is: me banging on about Silverlight for 45 minutes. After that we can all get together for a chat and you can hand over your CV.

So, if you're studying at one of the Uni's we're visiting, I hope to see you there - remember to bring your CV.

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