I'm off to the INTERACT2008 conference next week, on a work assignment, this is an exclusive event for leaders in unified communications held April 8-10 in San Diego, California.

This inaugural technology event provides a special opportunity for you to develop deep technical knowledge about Microsoft’s unified communications products, build powerful new connections with leading professionals in the industry, and gain insights into the future of converging technologies.

One way to think about this technology is to think about the presence indicator in your "big boy" Outlook client; now think about how you would add that capability to your application. 

The product team at Microsoft have released a new Client API SDK for working with this stuff; you can get multitudinous amounts of information about Microsoft Unified Communications from the official Web site.

INTERACT2008BlogArt1My new assignment requires that I learn the new SDK ASAP, so I'm off to CA in the US of A. My focus will the .NET developer track, which I have yet to figure out from the gargantuan sized agenda, but it should be fun.

If you're going to the event or you're just in the area, then ping me via the contact link. I'll post some more about the event upon my return.

If you're not going to be there where will you be?

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John Powell said...

I'll be in Gloucester feeling very envious! Enjoy!