Tufte has arrived...


This exceptional book written by Edward R. Tufte, recommended to me by Mr Mark Miller (also here), of DevExpress / CodeRush / Refactor! fame, has arrived today.

It looks lovely, even the packaging looks great, which is promising - I'm really looking forward to getting my head into it and improving my design skills.

Here is the description of the book on the Tufte Web site:

Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative is about pictures of verbs, the representation of mechanism and motion, process and dynamics, causes and effects, explanation and narrative. Practical applications and examples include statistical graphics, charts for making important decisions in engineering and medicine, technical manuals, diagrams, design of computer interfaces and websites and on-line manuals, animations and scientific visualizations, techniques for talks, and design strategies for enhancing the rate of information transfer in print, presentations, and computer screens.

Yeah, I didn't really understand it either.

As I read through it though, I'm sure I'll be blogging my thoughts. However, if anyone has already read it I would love to hear your thoughts and please feel free to offer other suggested reading.

Now I just need a quiet few hours to myself.....

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