Unified Communications - Conclusion


INTERACT2008BlogArt1As I said in my previous post, this post will cover the details of what actually happened on day 4, over what I predicted; along with my conclusion for the conference.

Day 4, the reality

Day 4 started with breakfast, a trip to the Birds of a Feather sessions and a quick walk around the impromptu sessions in a place called "Pub World". This was very interesting, to hear all the IT pros in their discussion, but there was very little for the developer, that I could find anyway.

With that I decided there was little more left for me to eek out of the conference and decided to head off home. This decision came a fair number of hours before my flight was due to leave from San Diego, so the adventure of the journey home began early. Also, over the last few days I had been reading in papers about the issues that American Airlines had been having with their jets and the FAA, grounding many, many flights - this obviously played on my mind, so I thought leaving early might help. It did. I ended up getting a shuttle bus to LAX and caught a slightly earlier flight in to London Heathrow, which was great, it gave me some time to get ready for my holiday the next morning.

Conference Conclusion
Overall I really enjoyed the conference, it was well organised and well done. I think there was only really one day for developers (which was not that clear to me before I left); but the other days were days well spent getting an understanding, or Zen, of unified communications and all that it entails, including both software and hardware.

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