Unified Communications - Day 2


After a nights sleep and some breakfast I was ready be to initiated into the Unified Communications fraternity, the day started with a keynote presentation, followed by a detailed IT Pro focused session, and then some labs (or so I thought).

The Keynote

The first event of the day, besides breakfast, was the keynote by Microsoft's Gurdeep Singh Pall, which was very illuminating. Gurdeep successfully got across the value proposition of unified communications to me, and he was host to a demonstration that really helped me understand where the platform sits in an enterprise and what it's capable of.

The Session

Today's sessions were really for the IT Pros. The only session I went to was one this morning on troubleshooting problems with the Office Communicator client. This session interested me because you can really gauge the maturity and the "reality" of a platform by the errors and associated fixes. I lost interest after about 30 minutes but I did get a good sense of the real issues people are facing and what solutions and tooling is available to help them.

The Labs

I figured that I'd spend the afternoon working through the developer labs. However, after the first few steps in the first lab is was clear to me that they were a little broken. I ended up spending the afternoon debugging and helping them to get their labs working. Maybe I'll find sometime either tomorrow or Thursday to actually do the labs myself, ho-hum.


Today was an interesting one that has given me a good understanding of the platform along with all the moving parts, as well as an excellent understanding of the sample app used in the labs (just not the UC bit of it... yet!) Tomorrow, I hope to get into the details of coding against the platform and maybe even have time for some labs.

Again, it's very late for me (early hours of the morning back in my native GMT) so my bed calls. Night, night.

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