Unified Communications - Day 4


This post is a little different to others, as I'm spending so much time travelling over the next couple of days; at the end of which I'll be miles away from a computer, for over a week, I cannot wait!

Anyway, so I thought I'd post what was supposed to happen today, and then, when I get back to my desk in a week or so I'd do one last post about the UC conference summarizing my experiences and shedding some light on what actually happened on the last day.

Today's Plan

Today promises to be a day of ~22 waking hours, if the day travelling from San Diego was to be anything like the day travelling to San Diego.

The days agenda will be a mix of sessions and labs (fingers crossed), all on the Microsoft Unified Communications platform at INTERACT2008; then after the last lab or session a trip back to Blighty.

Who know's I might actually make it to the labs yet!

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