Tufte complete... Book 2


I finished the Tufte book Beautiful Evidence on Friday. Another absolutely excellent read, to the point where I bought another of the four books almost immediately.

As with the other Tufte book that I read there were a couple of mind blowing concepts wonderfully explained and demonstrated in the book. In Beautiful Evidence my favourite was the concept of something Tufte calls Sparklines:


Tufte has actually published a few pages from the Beautiful Evidence book on the subject of Sparklines. I have also bookmarked a number of links on del.icio.us that might interest you if you like the Sparkline concept, here are some of the highlights:

As my affair with Tufte has continued my eye has been skewed with Tufte coloured glasses. Whilst browsing I stumbled upon, to my delight and surprise, two accounts here and here from Jeff Atwood and Chris Sells respectively on their experiences attending presentations delivered by Tufte himself (at different times). Both posts do a great job, however Chris does an excellent "Ed's Grand Principals of Analytical Design" list, distilling the important elements from the school of Tufte. Chris wrote his post pre Beautiful Evidence, but it still holds true.

I'm looking forward to the next instalment arriving any day now.


Anonymous said...

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Paul said...

Thanks for reading, but if you follow the del.icio.us link the post you'll see it's already there :-)