Flickr and Nostalgia Woes


Apologies for those of you who will get some of my older posts in your feeds this morning. I've had to repost a bunch of articles with fresh image links.

I've been using flickr for almost as long as this blog as been alive, with great success, I'm a huge fan; more recently I've been using Nostalgia from the boys a Thirteen23, which is where the trouble begins... I think. I don't know for sure but a bunch of pictures went AWOL yesterday after what appeared to be a successful session, and now I cannot trust the application anymore.


Which is a real shame as Nostalgia looks great and is seriously usable, but it is only a proof of concept and it's my own fault for using it for something an important to me as my blog. Ho-hum, lesson learned.

Sorry for any inconvenience in your RSS feed, my bad :-(

(Note: have "touched" my newer posts so they should appear at the top of feed)

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