Tufte has arrived... Book 4


The fourth and final instalment arrived today, Tufte's very first book; my collection is now complete and my bedtime reading can resume - after nearly a weeks worth of wait:


I'm sure it'll be worth it.

A slight departure from the regular program:

For those of you who might be interested in buying the books I've been talking about over the last few weeks, I recommend buying them directly from the Tufte Web site. On-line outlets, such as Amazon, do not appear to stock all the books and of the ones that they do they tend to only marginally be cheaper  (< £2), add the fact that each book has a $20 surcharge for postage and packaging coming from the Graphics Press directly in USA, buying from places like Amazon include about £10 markup... but the choice of where to spend that £10 is obviously yours, dear Reader.

I'm not having a go at Amazon per se, but more generally about buying this kind of material in UK - it is disproportionately more expensive compared to buying directly from the USA, even when including P&P!

With the Tufte books there is little to be saved, but this is not an isolated issue, I can actually save money by buying from Amazon.COM instead of Amazon.CO.UK. By way of an example:

WPF Programming: (according to Amazon)
UK: £19.99 + £2.75 (p&p) = £22.74
US: $31.49 + $3.99 (p&p) = $35.48 (£18.14 according to XE)

The savings here are not huge but also not insignificant, even if I took the FREEPOST offer for the Amazon UK option; then the book only costs me £19.99, I still save money shipping from the USA and I'll probably not have to wait any longer for it (from my experience of buy the Tufte books, 2 working days from ordering to reaching my grubby little mitts).

Considering that all it really boils down to, when buying goods online, is the address you type into your browser's address bar to start with, I think with a little quick comparison we might all be able to save a little money.

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