WPF - Settings Dialog... the Movie


WARNING: This is an experiment! I thought it might be interesting (and fun) to record a brief screencast (<10 minutes) showing how to do the settings element of my previous post, and this is the result:

I tried both YouTube and MSN Video to host this video and as you can probably see I've ended up with the latter. While YouTube uploaded the file faster it consistently failed to process it, with the upshot being that I could not view my video. MSN Video, however, accepted the file, gave me great feedback while it was uploading and then processing (whatever processing means!); but it did take nearly an hour for the entire cycle to complete. Which is a whole bunch longer than it took to produce the content in the first place. I'm not sure what I expected but it was not that.

I'm also not overly impressed with the quality of the end result; I'm sure there is more I can do my end, at the expense of a larger file, to improve that however.

To that end I'm making the raw WMV file available for download, purely because of the sub optimal quality and I think it might be frustrating to watch and code along with in the current form factor:

WPF Setting Example... the Movie

Please let me know what you think - if you like, I'll do more; this really is my first time at doing something of this nature so only your feedback can make it better (or go away :). Enjoy!

Update: Here's the code (albeit cleaned up a little) created during the video, as requested:

WPF Settings Example Code
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Anonymous said...

Love the video, very useful, although the audio level is a bit quiet.

One question on the example you gave: Do the settings get reloaded in *memory* after the Reload call? If the Cancel button didn't close the application, would the settings actually have been reloaded?

Paul said...

Thanks Derek, the short answer is: yes. But I'm not sure you mean "application"; as the sample did not close the application, only the Window. However, even if you do mean the Window, then the answer is also: yes.

I hope answers your question and thanks for your feedback.


Anonymous said...

Cool. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul. Cool video--I've been dreading implementing settings in my app for some reason, probably just that I'm never fully satisfied and end up spending way too much time on it.

Anyway I'm just wondering what screen recorder app are you using, because I'm also looking for a decent one. Is it by any chance Camtasia? That seems to be one of the best.

Paul said...

Yes, you're right - I did it by using Camtasia, Camtasia Studio 4 in fact. It works really, really well, but not it's not a cheap piece of software.

I hope that helps, and thanks for reading/watching :)