Where did that Microsoft Word feature go...?


I use Microsoft Word 2007 (and PowerPoint for that matter) a lot in my day job, and I think I've got a pretty good handle on where things are now since the invention of the Ribbon. However, there are still times where I think:

Now, where the %"@#'$ has that menu option moved to...

Here is a little application where you find the feature you want in a mock up of the Word 2003 interface and it'll show you where it is now in Word 2007, awesome.

I don't know how long this has been available, but I hope it'll save you some time and frustration when trying to find those missing or moved Word features.


Silverlight 2 and a new look Web site...


Things have been decidedly busy over last month or so making my posts a little sparse - or more accurately non-existent - I have been working with Silverlight 2 beta 2; I certainly like what I see, even if it's not quite there yet, compared with WPF that is, it shows real promise. [...snip...]

However, the jewel in the crown for me is the integration of the DeepZoom technology (previously known as SeaDragon), it is truly awesome! Just check out what the boys and girls at Vertigo have put together (pay special attention to the Hard Rock Memorabilia sample):


As for my own endeavours, over last couple of weeks I've been working on some new designs for this Web site - the style and template I've been using since the inception of this site is a pre-canned template that comes with the Blogger offering. Whilst it's OK I've grown a tad bored of it and the restrictions it places on my posts (content area width, and *very* un-code friendly) I thought it was about time that I did my own design.

Here's the tie in with DeepZoom: I've created an application to show-off the five designs that I've come up with (you can also find the designs on Flickr). I've used the free Silverlight Streaming service to host the application:


Click the image above or here to see the application in it's full glory.

I've also had a bunch of my friends (thank you!) review and critique my original designs, and with some final tweaks I'm down to a shortlist of two, and here they are (in order of my personal preference):



You can click the images to see them full size. My plan is to live with both these designs for a couple of weeks, after that time I'll pick one and prototype it.

I would love to know your thoughts on DeepZoom and the remaining two designs (both positive and negative), my view is the more feedback I get the better.