Prism V2 - Drop 1


I have recently managed to get myself invited on to the Microsoft patterns & practices advisory board for Composite WPF, formerly known as Prism. I consider my self very lucky to have been invited to serve on the board so expect to start seeing more from me on this really great topic in the coming months.

My intention had been to wait until I'd at least managed to attend my first meeting of the board before announcing that I'd been invited to attend but the boys at p&p only went and shipped the first drop of Prism V2, forcing my hand by about a week!

If you're working with WPF today or just have a keen interest in designing composite applications please go and take a look at the Composite WPF bits on CodePlex: I'm also posting all my links for anything related to Composite WPF under the Prism tag on delicious, which you can find here: Enjoy!

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John Powell said...

Well done Paul for being invited to sit on the board for Composite WPF. I certainly will watch this space for future outputs. I am particularly interested in the Silverlight angle.