ReMix UK 08 - Day 1


The keynote was awesome, the surprise for me was Bill Buxton; I'd not really heard of him much before today and he was a real pleasure to watch. ScottGu was as awesome as ever, and it was really fantastic to meet him in person.

I went to four sessions today:

  • Introduction to Silverlight 2 - Part 1. I wanted to go to this one to see ScottGu speak, and surprisingly I learnt a couple of things (iframe presence to fix a bug in older Safari browsers and their expected control release plans) that actually made the whole session worthwhile.
  • Designing in the Wild: Sketching Experiences. This session was the highlight of the day for me. Bill is an inspirational speaker; I learnt loads about design and designers and how to think about design... and that I'm not a designer, and unlikely to ever be one.
  • ADO.NET Data Services (Astoria). This was the best technical presentation of the day! This technology is amazing and is live and available for use today by using .NET 3.5. JP you really need to look at this.
  • Design Panel. I had a choice of this session or the VS IDE Tips and Tricks by Sara Ford, which was the session that I intended to go to - but Bill so impressed me that I wanted to hear more from him.

All in all it was a great day, I really enjoyed the whole thing, looking forward to more sessions tomorrow.

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