ReMix UK 08 - Day 2


The second day started with a session by ScottGu on ASP.NET MVC; the session itself was great and the technology shows some real promise. I actually skipped the next session I was going to go to, on IE8, to play with the MVC bits. Next up was the Developer Speaker Panel with Scott, Sara Ford, Mike Flasko, who gave the Astoria talk the day before, and another member of the Data team at Microsoft. Most questions ended up in Scott's lap and while he gave some great answers it was a pretty average session for me.

Next we went to lunch with Arturo Toledo, and then afterwards we went to his session Design with Microsoft Expression, which was really great; easily on a par with Scott's session that same morning. Then that was it, we were all done and left Brighton for home.

In conclusion I don't think there was a single winner with regards to the sessions; but if I had to choose it would have to be Bill's session Designing for the Wild on the designer track, and Scott's MVC session on the developer track. All in all it was great conference and I'd love to do it again next year.

Now I'm just waiting for my swag to arrive......

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