MIX09 10K Smart Coding Challenge


Update: Sadly all good things must come to an end; the MIX09 event is now over; I do not know how long they’ll keep the 10K completion pages alive for so I have uploaded my entry to the Silverlight Streaming Service (which is awesome BTW) and provides a simple page to host my entry: http://code.compilewith.net/pj.fviz.html 


logo My entry for the 10K coding challenge has been accepted, let the voting begin.

The basic premise for my idea is to visualize RSS or ATOM feeds. I don’t know about you but I have loads of feeds in my RSS reader and I come in to contact with countless others during my day; sometimes I just want a quick fingerprint of what the feed looks like, a snapshot of what they talk about, how often they post over what time frame etc. etc.

To that end the Visualizer was born:


Above is a screenshot of the application, showing three feeds: this blog, Derek’s Cloudstore and the feed for Scott Hanselman’s site. The following is the help for the application that describes each element within the UI:


Also, I’d like to point out the crux of the challenge: this has to all be achieved in 10K or less of source code. Source code includes all .cs and .xaml files as well as any resources and/or images used; a challenge indeed.

I would really appreciate it if you would take the time and pop on over to my entry and vote… I’m not asking for 5 stars or anything (although that would be nice :o), I’m just after your vote. As always if you have any other comments or suggestions please let me know.

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