.NET4 and Memory Mapped Files


I think I am really going to like .NET 4:


I certainly welcome this new addition to .NET, and for inter-process communication on a single machine, it’s fabulous. Move over WCF and Named Pipes memory mapped files coming through. Memory mapped files will be my first choice for the scenarios that were previously reserved for WCF and Named Pipes, well, as soon as .NET 4 ships.

With great power comes great responsibility, the memory mapped file approach seriously ups the ante when it comes to understanding and using multithreading in your code; incidentally I highly recommend Joe Duffy’s Concurrent Programming on Windows, it is on my must read list for any developer working in Windows today.

If this is a topic that you enjoy, you can find more information about this feature in .NET 4 on Salvador Patuel’s blog. As usual if you have any comments, questions, flames, enhancements I would love to hear from you. In the meantime, think deeply and enjoy.