This is very likely the last post I'll publish here for the foreseeable future. The primary reason for this is because for nearly two years now I have not used .NET seriously in my day-to-day work; .NET is no longer my present or my future.

Therefore, I'm closing down this blog. I will keep the domain alive for as long as the Google Analytics tell me posts here are still finding and helping developers; I've been very lucky and written some relatively popular posts over the years so I think it worth keeping alive.

That brings up the question of the present and future. Currently my focus is on design, iOS, Node.js and HTML5. I have also recently started blogging again, so if you would still like to follow my adventures in design and development please visit and if you've found this post by way of your feed reader, then please update your links to point to

Note that both of these URLs redirect to my new home, which is just a stop-gap, so please ensure that you bookmark the addresses above not where you end up after following the links.

Finally, a big thank you to all the people who have followed my .NET adventures and I sincerely hope you follow me on to my next adventure too.